Лондон. Карта. London 1:17 500

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Лондон. Карта. London 1:17 500


Туризм. Путеводители. Транспорт Лондон. Карта. London 1:17 500. London Laminated 1:17 500 map of the city Format: 100 x 46 cm, after the deposit of 11 x23 cm laminated on both sides, comfortable in making the plan attractive to tourists, the central districts of the city detailed scale of 1:17 500 (1 cm- 175 m) Tourist rich content, such as: monuments, museums, hotels and other essential facilities lines and underground and S-Bahn (Underground, Overground, DLR) plan Kew and Hampton Court diagram of the underground and city train (Underground, Overground, DLR) zones ticketing index to streets

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